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Trending Colors Top 10 Trending Colors at London Fashion Wee

Pantone Color Institute, the world's authoritative fashion color forecasting organization, has released the most representative report on fashion color trends during the 2020/21 Fall/Winter London Fashion Week. This popular color highlights the top colors displayed by fashion designers at London Fashion Week, and is a key indicator of colors used in all design fields.

It is worth noting that this report contains 10 popular colors and 4 classic neutral colors, bringing more inspiration to fashion buyers and designers around the world.

According to the color experts of the Pantone Color Institute, the fashion colors of London fashion in autumn and winter 2020/2021 reflect our desire to have a meaningful color collection. These colors express a classic British sensibility: perseverance, perseverance and patience, show inspiring power, convey optimistic taste and goals; their inherent flexibility inspires creativity and instills confidence.

Fashion Colors of London Fashion in Autumn and Winter 2020/21

The 2020/2021 autumn and winter robust color series combines our desire for meaningful colors with optimistic determination and goals.


Mandarin Red

PANTONE 17-1562

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图1)

Citrus red is an enhanced, teasing, and infused orange red hue, which is an active force.

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图2)


Military Olive

PANTONE 19-0622

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图10)

Olive Army Green: Olive Army Green is a green hue of strong loyalty and a rich story.

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图11)


Tawny Birch

PANTONE 17-1225

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图20)

Tawny birch: a tan tone of rough woods, reminiscent of rustic nature.

流行色彩 2020 秋冬伦敦时装周10大流行色(图21)

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