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13 fashion trends for fall/winter 2020

In the new decade, what will fashion look like? First of all, please prepare for the return of craftsmanship. We have seen a large number of knitting and the revival of old-fashioned lace by a new generation of designers. The four major fashion capitals' autumn and winter show in 2020 have also rekindled their passion for tassels. (Yes, we also posted a lot of dramatic tassel shapes on Instagram).

But this trend is not just about how eye-catching is. In New York, the single-breasted slim tailoring is reviving. Take a look at The Row's beautiful autumn and winter series. This proves that being stylish does not mean standing out from the crowd, but restrained is more powerful. In the past month, the fashion show also reminded people that fashion can bring freedom-models expose large areas of skin, confidently control the sexy once defined by male eyes, or wrap themselves delicately with veils and huge silhouettes stand up.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the fashion trends of the new season on the London show.

Trend 1: Tassels

Representative brand:

Bottega Veneta, Prada, Jil Sander, Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Area


From evening dresses to suit jackets, from slim pencil skirts, knitted cloaks to textured clutches, the eyes are full of tassels. This may be people's counterattack against casual clothing that has been popular in the past decade. The number of designers falling for the charm of tassels is increasing, and the signal is clear: clothing that promotes the beauty of sports (especially dance) and well-crafted costumes as a whole will be the top priority of the 2020 autumn and winter fashion trends.

Trend 2: Shirts and ties

Representative brand:

Prada, Dior, Chanel, Toga, Dolce & Gabbana


Paris Fashion Week spent a month expressing its fascination with the new neutral business shirts and ties. Prada tells us that you can't go wrong with a tie with a neat suit skirt or casual sweater. Under Dior's neon sign, the audience saw the most authentic incarnation of this trend (the styling was interpreted by the British model Ruth Bell with a playful short hair).

Trend 3: Wearing underwear outside

Representative brand:

Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham, Burberry, Christopher Kane


It is rare to see Kendall Jenner on the show recently, but in order to support her friend Riccardo Tisci, she boarded Burberry's 2020 autumn and winter show. Her outfit represents one of the catwalk trends that have quickly become popular on social media.

The supermodel's styling demonstrates the potential of wearing underwear (Jenner is wearing a checkered steel wire tights with a white pencil skirt that highlights the curve), reflecting the trend of 2020 to wear exquisite "underwear" as ready-to-wear. On the other side of London, cutting-edge couturier NensiDojaka reinterpreted the slim-fit corset at Fashion East. In Paris, Anthony Vaccarello paired vinyl leggings with an intricate lace camisole, and added a little HelmutNewton-style heterochromatic style.

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